Pickup trucks and the idiots that tend to drive them

June 27th, 2016

This morning I was in my backyard when I heard a vehicle pass in the alley behind the fence. I heard the vehicle stop, accelerate, followed by crunching and banging noises. I quickly ran to take a look and found this scene: a large pickup truck was halfway into my property and had run over my garbage can and my "No trespassing" sign. The guy came out, I yelled at him and asked what he thought he was doing, and his response was: "Oh I'm sorry, I was trying to back into my yard and I didn't see that." You "didn't see that"??? Now I can maybe understand not seeing the little sign, it might have been behind the garbage can, but what about the garbage can you were also running over? What if either of those would have been my kid? Would you have seen him???

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